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254 gifts from strangers

an online and through-your-letterbox gift installation
available at:
open 15th June 2020, until there are no more gifts left to give

By Kerrie Doyle with Vaida Arlauskaite, Richard Lessey, Amy Sheppard, Eric L. Shiring, Azize Sousami, Michael Angelo Turner-Lee and countless generous strangers



More info, if you please:
254 gifts from strangers is born of a gift-centred performance practice. We can call this gift craft. Over time, through much displacement and prolonged uncertainty, giftc raft has made, prepared, requested, generated, written, spewed, (re)animated, coaxed, nurtured, invited, looked after, looked for, dug up, dug through, sealed and received many gifts, gifts in sealed envelopes, gifts from strangers. This beautiful stash of anonymous gifts has been known and un-known, felt and embraced, inhaled and dreamt about by Kerrie, embracing a wealth of mysterious sealed envelopes and getting to know them, live with them, spend time with them, so that they can be gifted to you. This online catalogue is made up of a wide variety of sealed envelopes, made by someone out there, for someone way out where. Our invitation is one of giving in to the giftness, to explore the online catalogue, and request to be gifted as many gifts as you need/want/desire. This performance started a long and undeterminable time ago, when the first stranger sealed the first envelope, and will continue for the length of each gift’s life with their recipient. This is a performance sealed from strangers, for strangers. This is our gift to you. This is all yours.