Attention is at the heart of my practice.

And, to be honest, having a website domain of my name isn't really my style, but something more witty never presented itself, and I've paid for it now, so here we are... 


As a choreographic artist, honesty, failure, acknowledgement, displacement, wondering and wandering are useful tools.

Work, process, attempt, mess and accidents all find their way into and guide making. I value intuition and systematics in roughly equal measure.

I hold an MFA in Choreography (Distinction) from University of Roehampton, London, and also hold a BA (Hons) in Dance Studies – Choreography (First Class Honors) from Middlesex University, London. In 2017 I received the Rosemary Butcher Prize for Choreography, and I make choreographic work in and for a variety of spaces/places, including galleries, theatres, palaces in Venice, through the post, the great outdoors, online, on film and my kitchen floor.

As a dance artist and facilitator, I work holistically and use influences from Release technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals and improvisation techniques to explore what it can mean to be in motion. I am also a nuerodivergent person, and my sensory input disorder is present in my practice in nuanced, sensitive and exciting ways of understanding. I enjoy facilitating and exploring choreographic practice in many settings, I am very interested in choreographic and dance work from a philosophical angle of inquiry, with writing, reading, talking and researching as an important part of my practice. 

I enjoy making lists, words, finding the magic egg, and the little smile of appreciation we all do when we spot something that calls out to us. 

To see more about some things I have enjoyed working on, see the Made Things page, I'm currently developing a residencies/features/publications section to share some more aspects of my practice, and go to www.254giftsfromstrangers.com if you would like a gift. Because we all need a gift sometimes. 

Kerrie x