NEGATIVES is a screendance and digital choreography created in collaboration with Harry Fulleylove in 2020. 

Having first being shared as a 24 hour digital experience in September as part of New Mills Art Festival, NEGATIVES has been further shared in its screendance format on the December edition of 'I'm bored, what's next?' - a digital platform for performance art. More information on this edition is available at 

NEGATIVES is a choreography which explores, utilises and exploits the remnants of our past work, our past practices, our past lives. By taking footage of a live performance we created for The Space, London in 2018, we interrogate our current relationship with what we made then, picking up and collecting the traces and leftovers of this work in a way that makes sense to us, here, now. 

With thanks to performers Stefan Dobrev, Hannah Scott, Abbie Jones and Harry Fulleylove. 
Musical score by Harry Fulleylove. 
Screendance edited by Kerrie Doyle.