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The (mis)Interpretation of Dreams
A broken connection, a mutual struggle, a baby made of apples..  Through this durational exhibition, we invite the public to join us in exploring our unknowing and attempt to capture some of our exploration in the demonstrated human installations. 

​Performances thus far have toured to Palazzo Ca’Zanardi (Venice, Italy), Arts Depot (London, UK) and site specific using Middlesex University Campus (London UK). 

Thank you to ItsLiquid for their support in developing and bringing this work to Palazzo Ca'Zanardi, Venice. 





Performers (London): Samuel Bentley, Hannah Davies, Vicky Field, Katie Fisher, Harry Fulleylove, Holly Gardner, Ilmiye Gazier, Jordan Grigg, Megan Henderson, Hope Oldroyd, Christy Paul, Stacey Porter, Amy Preist, Beth Rippon, Beth-Rai Rowlands, Cally Smitherman, Charlotte Tuckwood, Kessi Rowlands, Liana Vincent-Evans, Sophie Cragg & Bella Watts.

​Performers (Venice): Kerrie Doyle & Harry Fulleylove

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